Reason why i attend college

Why students don't go to college there are a number of reasons why students don't attend college but here's the reality that many will only begrudgingly admit: there are genuine obstacles—dire circumstances that prevent a student from continuing their education, and then there are excuses knee-jerk responses that students regurgitate. Point out that going to college doesn't guarantee more money depending on the field you'd like to go into, a college degree just might not guarantee that you make more money than non-college graduates. And just as surely, there are other reasons for not attending college including such thoughts that four more years of studying academic subjects is tedious work and no guarantee of high-paying jobs. There are also a few reasons why i chose this specific college one reason i chose this college is because it is a christian college i wanted to start off for one or two years of college in a christian atmosphere so i decided to go with the testimony that temple has had over the years. We have eight reasons why community college might be the best choice for some high school graduates affordability although tuition is getting more expensive across the board, community colleges are still significantly more affordable than most four-year institutions.

Why i want to attend college one of the reasons i am going to college is because i want a better education i have always known that i was going to college, but i was not sure of where i wanted to attend and what field i would pursue in. An anti-college backlash recently has emerged from the confluence of soaring tuition rates, political forces, and a desire for more accountability in higher education—not to mention a tough economy that has many students rethinking the value of a college education. There are several different reasons why i could stay home, work and not go to college i could go to work every day and make more money for the house, it's easier, and i would be less stressed now, on the other hand there are many reasons why i should go to school such as further my education, make my family proud, and make myself proud.

English 111 why people really go to college christopher caldwell, author of the new york times article what a college education buys, believes many people attend college for the wrong reasons he says college is overrated and that many go just to socialize or to find a partner (214. Reasons to attend a community college there are lots of reasons to begin, continue, or complete your college education at a california community college here are some that may apply to you. The reasons why people go to college are to get good jobs, which means more money and also to obtain more social and life experiences first, people say that getting a job is the first obstacle in. The top three reasons someone should attend manhattan college is the strong alumni network, the small class sizes that allow you to develop relationships with teachers, and the phenomenal programs such as the school of engineering and the school of business.

Why go to college there are a wealth of reasons why an individual should pursue postsecondary education among them better physical and mental health, economic benefit, parenting skills and civic. Last week i discussed reasons why people should go to college, now i explore the alternative, not going to collegeever since you were a child, your parents most likely hammered home the concept of attending a post-secondary institution, so naturally you will have no choice but to do so. College opens doors for you that high school doesn't you might think that college is just high school continued, but it's not college opens doors for you that high. Why attend college conventional answers the conventional view is that education increases one's earning potential, so attending college is a ticket to a high-paying job.

Although there are many reasons to delay going to college straight after high school, i want to share with you at least 10 reasons why you should go to college right away, even if it's straight to a junior college. Working during college has many benefits many students feel that taking on a part-time job will distract from their studies at school it can seem overwhelming to take on a part-time or full-time job while going to school, but it is possible to do this the choice to work during college although. The second reason why i think people enter college or university is because they want to increase their knowledge colleges and universities provide the best information and knowledge for the students to learn. Some bible college students enroll simply to learn more about how to better incorporate their faith into their workplace, especially those pursuing careers as counselors or teachers then again, many students attend bible colleges to learn more about the bible itself. A lot of high school students have a sense that they should go to college (or their parents are pressuring them to attend college), but they aren't sure why and aren't really fond of school if this describes you, community college can be a good option.

Reason why i attend college

reason why i attend college 1 a better paying job among the most obvious of reasons - college graduates, on average, make more than those who only completed high school if there was a top one reason to go to college list, this would probably be it.

A college degree demonstrates you have what it takes to finish what you start start to bridge to a new career by exploring career alternatives make more money: it is a common cliché that college graduates make more than those who only complete high school or their ged equivalent. Colleges always want to know why you are interested in attending their school unfortunately, students often mistake this as a call to repeat what they have read in the college brochure colleges really want to hear what the student is passionate about and how the school fits into those desires. There are several reasons why people choose to attend college one of them is the opportunity given with a college education by acquiring a college degree of some sort, people open many new doors of opportunities than those without a college education. When considering reasons to go to college and where you want to go, think about the environments you are most comfortable in there are a large variety of smaller colleges and community colleges that can provide you an excellent education without the big school feel.

  • There are good reasons not to go to college (such as it not providing the right kind of learning environment), and there are good reasons to wait and work or travel before going (maturity, sense of purpose.
  • The financial benefits are a draw for many students, but there are other reasons for teens unable to attend a four-year institution to consider community college as a viable option after high.
  • 10 reasons why attending a college fair is a good idea 1 in-person research college fairs are an excellent opportunity to do some in-person research you will get immediate feedback to your.

There are many reasons why obtaining a college degree has such a strong influence on one's life a college education can open many doors in a person's search for a career people that have attained a college degree are hired in at a higher pay and are considered to be much more employable. The quote that convinced me that i wanted to go to college was from a man who i interned with during my junior year in high school he stated to me that i was bright young man and i could get a good job without a college education.

reason why i attend college 1 a better paying job among the most obvious of reasons - college graduates, on average, make more than those who only completed high school if there was a top one reason to go to college list, this would probably be it. reason why i attend college 1 a better paying job among the most obvious of reasons - college graduates, on average, make more than those who only completed high school if there was a top one reason to go to college list, this would probably be it.
Reason why i attend college
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