Reverse logistics in the electronic industry of china a case study

Case study: palm grabs hold of reverse logistics costs palm inc's entrepreneurial legacy means it is always looking for the next big product innovation but these days the $156-billion maker of smart phones and handhelds is plowing new ground in an area most electronics companies give little thought to: reverse logistics. Accordingly, long-range economic and environmental sustainability of reverse logistics systems constituting part return management by its own manufacturer in computer industry are studied in this research. In section 1 and 2, the motive factors of the reverse logistics implementation and the current station of chinese steel industry is discussed then the model of reverse logistics system for steel industry designed in section 3, which is composed of returned logistics and waste material logistics. A study of value creation through the use of 3pl and 4pl partners within the white goods manufacturing industry of china's domestic market : a thesis presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master in logistics and supply chain management at massey university, auckland, new zealand .

Whirlpool corporation: reversing logistics case solution,whirlpool corporation: reversing logistics case analysis, whirlpool corporation: reversing logistics case study solution, introduction the whirlpool is the world largest manufacturer of the variety of major house hold appliances such as dryers, cloth-washing machines, refriger. Electronics is not the only industry benefiting from sustainable reverse logistics operations golf club maker callaway, for example, routinely accepts trade-ins of used golf clubs after replacing the grips, the company sells the refurbished clubs. Chapter 8 gsc 3600 professor memran chapter 8 case study green reverse logistics in the electronics industry the various stockholders who benefit from these efforts are the manufacturers because they will be able to reuse some of the refurbished goods. This case study explained campbell soup's approach to this process terex awp: new yard management system works like a charm terex is a global manufacturer of lifting and material processing products.

Using our logistics expertise, we set up a regional distribution center in the yangshan free trade port area to handle goods shipping in and out of china agility managed all warehouse operations, including inbound receiving and unloading of pallets, trucks and containers. Reverse logistics deals with the planning, process and flow of finished goods inventory, packaging materials and parts of finished product back from end customer to the product company as sales return or warranty return or unsold inventory with trading partners. H göl & b çatay 2 logistics outsourcing and 3pl selection: a case study in an automotive supply chain abstract outsourcing logistics functions to third-party logistics (3pl) providers has been a source of. According to a recent study, reverse logistics is one of the twenty one top warehousing trends in the twenty first century (brockmann,1999) industries have started to realize that the reverse logistics can be used to gain.

Get our logistics newsletter sign up to receive logistics insights from fedex experts subscribe now. The major difficulty in implementing reverse logistics in the electronic industry of china is the lack of enforceable laws, regulations or directives to motivate manufacturers furthermore, economic support and preferential tax policies are absent to help manufacturers offset the high investment costs of reverse logistics. Introduction to logistics systems management is the fully revised and enhanced version of the 2004 prize-winning textbook introduction to logistics systems planning and control, used in universities around the worldthis textbook offers an introduction to the methodological aspects of logistics systems management and is based on the rich. - the findings suggest that while reverse logistics drivers vary from company to company, barriers to reverse logistics are common and are mainly external the major difficulty in implementing reverse logistics in the electronic industry of china is the lack of enforceable laws, regulations or directives to motivate manufacturers. Rlmt650 reverse logistics in the retail industry (3 semester hours) this course is a focused and comprehensive examination of how different retail industries implement reverse logistics programs.

Read reverse logistics in the publishing industry: china, hong kong, and taiwan, international journal of physical distribution & logistics management on deepdyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips. Today, pssi is one of the largest reverse logistics support centers for wireless electronics, intelligent transportation systems, telecommunications equipment, consumer products and electronics in the industry. Supply chain digest is the industry's best publication and web site for supply chain management and logistics practioners to find information, news, insight, education, opinion and tools. Optimizing activities in the distribution center penske worked with this global manufacturer to optimize its inventory routing and mode selection and to improve visibility to its supply chain. Spendedge's spend analysis assists a renowned reverse logistics provider achieve substantial savings by 15% overview of the logistics industry in the recent years, the logistics industry is witnessing robust challenges in terms of high operation costs, low margins, and a shortage of talent.

Reverse logistics in the electronic industry of china a case study

In reality, reverse logistics costs are less than 4% of total supply chain costs for most companies and while maximizing efficiency is always important, reverse logistics can also provide a wide variety of opportunities for improvements, from customer service and returns processing to supplier. In industry the most important dimension is existance of environmental and auditing amount of goods delivered on time (3291) followed by 2041 program optimization of capacity utilization (3125) and the least important dimension is development of a prevention program 279 green supply chain management: a case study from indian electrical and. This paper is a comprehensive study of reverse logistics, and the purpose is to examine the current status of reverse logistics in the automotive industry the research.

The consumer electronics (ce) industry has high turnovers and a growing demand, such as on the home entertainment segment at the same time, it generates e-waste of the order of a dozen million tons, about one quarter of the world's total with the purpose of improving the environmental performance. Pssi for reverse logistics and supply chain management partners as electronics repair and refurbishment experts, pssi works seamlessly with 3pls and 4pls to support your clients' unique reverse logistics needs. Whirlpool corporation: reversing logistics reverse logistics program design: company study reverse logistics program design: a company study whirlpool and the built-in appliance industry in india whirlpool corporation: reverse logistics strategic sourcing at whirlpool china: finding the ideal supplier the united nations joint logistics centre. Case study it began with reverse logistics, because that is the most expensive part of the entire process, accounting for about 60 percent of total.

E-waste reverse logistics initiatives in important industrial economies like india, china and brazil show that specific models of reverse logistics, adapted to local reality, are required in developing countries.

reverse logistics in the electronic industry of china a case study Global logistics management sustainability, quality, risks edited by wolfgang kersten, thorsten blecker, and heike flämig with contributions by adel al-mansi, hatem aldarrat, dagoberto alves de almeida.
Reverse logistics in the electronic industry of china a case study
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